Ironed White Shirts


We have commercial grade rollers and steam irons on premises to iron a wide range of clothes and bedding.

Standard ironing is charged at £4.50 per kg (for more than 3kg).


Shirts are priced separately, from £1.10 each (for more than 10 shirts).

Refer to our price list for further information or contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Frilly / fussy items may be subject to an increased charge.

Service Wash

Our professional laundry assistants will wash and dry your laundry in accordance with your needs.

We will complete a single standard domestic mixed load washed, dried and folded from £10 to a maximum of £20 depending on the size of the load. Bring your own detergent or use ours for a small additional fee. Stain removal powder, colour catchers, disinfectant and emulsifiers (for oil/grease) are also available.

We can also service special items from curtains to king size duvets and horse rugs, refer to our price list for further information.

Most items will be ready within 24 hours but a same day service is available for an additional £2.

We'll happily take on heavily soiled items but can never guarantee to remove all stains.

Please note that unless you inform us of any specific requirements your washing will be placed on a warm cycle and a medium tumble dry. We cannot be held liable for any damage unless we have been previously informed.

Please don't forget to empty your pockets before handing over your laundry.