Our Services

Why Choose Us?

At Easy Wash Launderette, we offer a wide range of services including; washing, drying, ironing, alteration, dry cleaning and repairs for both domestic and larger commercial clients. With our small team of friendly and professional staff, we can personalise any order that you may have. Whether you need to remove oil from your overalls, clean the living room rug, wash your team’s sports kit, or perhaps the linen for your bed and breakfast, Easy Wash Launderette has the solution at competitive prices. And we even offer a complimentary pickup and delivery service.

Washing & Drying

We have facilities on site for all of your washing and drying needs, even if an item is particularly large (such as a horse blanket). Whether you need to make use of our self-service facilities or have one of our members of staff wash and dry for you. We cater for a wide range of trades from mechanics to hairdressers.


Our ironing service is available for all types of laundry. We also offer a shirt only service, which has no limit on a number of shirts to be ironed. Take advantage of our premium ironing services, and feel the benefit of freshly ironed sheets and bedding.

Alterations and Repairs

Should you require alterations or repairs to your items we are more than happy to send your items to our trusted off-site seamstresses, who will be able to amend them in no time.